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You're going to need these key phrases in bringing up daughters. Parenting little girls is a struggle, and I find myself repeating the same statements day in and day out. Beyond the “put your shoes on” and “clean your room” 200 times a day, I’ve realized that I say some more important phrases between the mundane daily conversation. Careful reflection on my conversations with my children has led to this list of six phrases that act as pillars upon which I have built my parenting philosophy. They reflect our society, the lessons I’ve learned as a woman and the hopes I have for them (and all girls) in the next generation as women. Here are some key phrases in bringing up daughters that you need to add to your vocabulary.

1. “No” Means No

The consent conversation can never begin too early. As we’ve seen by the #metoo experiences (and pretty much all experienced as women in the world), consent is an issue, and I firmly believe we can begin this conversation with our daughters at a young age. There’s no reason to wait until children understand the ins and outs of intercourse to begin teaching them that their expressed wishes about their bodies need to be respected. In my house, it began with “Crazy Hair Day” in the third-grade classroom. When I picked my daughter up from school, she had a streak of pink color in her hair – one that wasn’t there when I dropped her off. I asked her about it, letting her know I wasn’t upset, just curious where it came from. That was when she told me another little girl asked her if she wanted pink hair chalk, and even though her reply was “no.” The other girl grabbed her head and marked her hair anyway. Against her will. Is this the same as sexual abuse? Absolutely not. But you know what? It’s the same on a very (VERY) basic level.

Someone touched you against your will, and even after you expressed denial. So, we had the talk. We didn’t talk about sex (they’re 8 and 7 after all), but we brushed on the basics: no one is allowed to touch your body without your permission. Not your friends, not your sister, not your parents. You have the right to say “no” where your body is concerned, and if someone – ANYONE – disobeys your wishes, you let a trusted adult know. We also discussed that consent is a two-way street, and that they need to ASK for permission before touching someone and respect their choices. Your desire (to chalk someone’s hair, give a hug, kiss them, etc.) does not outweigh their decision. It’s something we discuss on a weekly basis, talking about it in an age-friendly way, and sharing our experiences. It helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in school (bullies galore), and reinforce my “NO MEANS NO” message.

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