8 Ideas for Summer Water Fun ...


8 Ideas for Summer Water Fun ...
8 Ideas for Summer Water Fun ...

I love summertime - especially when there's water around! I am not ashamed to say I get in the kiddie pool with my son and have a blast! These 8 ideas for summer water fun are great for a family of all ages and will assure that no matter where you are, you're going to have fun this summer. All these ideas were found at Disney's FamilyFun.com where you can find so many more great summer ideas!

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Speedboat Relay

This is a great way to have fun and get lots of exercise in as well. Many kids these days, dislike getting out and getting physically active, but with some physical activity disguised under so much fun, they'll be exercising before they know it, just thinking that they're having fun. This game does require quite a bit of water, so you're going to need a decent sized swimming pool to play it.


Deluxe Kid Wash

I totally love this idea! It's so creative and fun! Think "sprinkler" plus "creativity" equals loads of fun and laughter for hours! The greatest part of this is that it allows you (or Dad) to construct the entire sprinkler system yourself out of PVC pipe, pool noodles and sponges! This is probably ideal to have around once your boys have taken sandbox play to the next level and now have it even in places where the sun don't shine. Just let them run through your newly constructed "kid wash" and they're set!


Fill 'Er up

Sometimes, when you get a crowd of kids, having a lot of water could be dangerous...for the parents! You'll end up soaking wet yourself, if you lend your garden hose to the 5 year old next door! If you're having a backyard Summer bash, think smart and purchase some spray bottles and ping pong balls. The object of the game is to divide the kids in half, giving one side the spray bottles and a team member with a small cup and a ping pong ball. The first to fill the cup with water (with the spray bottle) and float out the ball is the winning team. Getting sprayed by a water bottle isn't such a bad thing on a hot day, right?


Beach Bowling

Sand and a beach ball is all you need for this fun loaded game! Simply fashion bowling pins out of sand and try to knock them down with the ball! What? No water for this game? There's a whole, entire body of water right behind you to cool you off when you get hot! How much more water do you need?


Splash & Score

Ever tried playing baseball with water balloons for balls? If not, this Summer is your perfect opportunity! My son loves playing baseball, so you can bet we're going to be trying this little game some day soon! If you only have one kid, you can still have fun with this, though I'm sure the fun multiplies when more people are present to share in the splashing!


Squash the Sharks

For some reason, my son is engrossed in the love of sharks and dinosaurs, not to mention alligators and crocs! When I came across this game, I knew it was something he'd love! I was right! All you need is a kiddie pool and some brave kids, along with some balloons filled with your precious air. You can draw shark faces on them if you want. It's their job to attempt to pop them in the water. This is incredibly difficult to do (trust me, I would know...) but the kids have so much fun!


Got Your Back

If you're looking for an excuse to get wet, this is the perfect game! Get the entire family in on the fun of spraying each other! You're sure to be a winner in the heat, even if you're the loser! Can't beat that, right? Grab a roll of crepe paper next time you're at the dollar store and a couple spray bottles and you're set. Borrow your hubby's roll of duct tape and tape tails of crepe paper to each player's back. Now, everyone is armed with a water bottle and their goal is to spray your back until your crepe paper tail falls off!



This is another one of those great "do-it-yourself" water works. There are several different constructions included in the article at FamilyFun.com to allow you to make an entire theme park at a fraction of the cost it would take to go to one for the day. The best part is that the ideas they give you can inspire you to come up with your own ways to turn you backyard into a place of fun!

8 Ideas for summer fun and a lot more where they came from! If you haven't already visited Disney's FamilyFun.com for inspiration, you should! They're packed with things for you and your children to do all year long!

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