How to Revive Your Sex Life after Giving Birth ...


How do you revive your sex life after giving birth? That sure is a tough question to answer, especially when you think about the physical and emotional trauma your body has gone through after nine months of carrying and delivering a baby (or babies!). So let the seven tips below try to help you reignite the flame in the bedroom:

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Follow Your Doctor's Advice or else...

Follow Your Doctor's Advice or else... Your primary care providers will often display in neon sign: "No sexual intercourse within six to eight weeks after delivery." The logic behind that is that the body - especially the part down there - needs to recover for a month or so after everything it has been through in bringing about a new human being to terra firma. The waiting period depends on if you had a normal delivery or a C-section. If your libido is on an overdrive before the six-week deadline, well, congratulations! You're one of the blessed few! But hold it right there! Listen to the doctor or else...


Don't Hurry into Undressing

Don't Hurry into Undressing For those who are still terribly exhausted but would want to get it on with your loving partner, take it slow, dear. You don't need to hurry. Easing back to intimacy after a major physical milestone takes time. Be open and transparent with your partner and tell him how you are feeling. Getting the bed warm is not exclusive to sex, you know. You can start with cuddling and some kissing.


Devote Time in Beautifying Yourself

Devote Time in Beautifying Yourself It takes a lot of effort but if you devote time to "fix" yourself - get dressed and put on makeup - you will feel much more confident about yourself. Days after giving birth are usually the toughest as you experience sleepless nights coupled with engorged breasts, but don't wallow in the pain too long. Even when it's hard to get up, encourage yourself to dress up and get made up. You will feel much better.


Take Longer Baths or Showers

Take Longer Baths or Showers This might be quite challenging because you will have a newborn who will be hungry every two hours. But there is nothing impossible with careful and strategic planning. A newborn's activity is limited to sleeping, eating, urinating, and pooping. They say sleep when your newborn sleeps. The other rule of thumb can be: shower (or take a bath!) when your newborn sleeps. You'll be much more refreshed. Be sure to stock up on your favorite toiletries as they can make you feel relaxed. Confidence is needed in bed and you won't have that if you smell like you just came out from the butcher's den.


Throw Flirtatious Looks and Suggestive Hints

Throw Flirtatious Looks and Suggestive Hints Since you're already made up in the physical department (after taking a shower, getting dressed, and putting on makeup), it's time to employ the flirtatious looks, baby! Spice it up with suggestive hints and maybe... some lines from before that totally put him in the mood for, ahem, the deed. Ladies, you are licensed to do so! So go ahead and get flirty!


Start with a Massage

Start with a Massage Chamomile oil and a light squeeze are two potent ingredients for a night of extreme passion. Don't know how to give a massage? YouTube is laden with hundreds of videos on how to get you started. It's a relaxing preliminary activity too, so even if you don't end up getting hot and heavy, it's still a worthwhile couple activity that can restore the bond between husband and wife.


Check in a Themed Motel Room and Get All Adventurous

Check in a Themed Motel Room and Get All Adventurous Chances are you've been to one before you had the baby so it's time to bring back the wonderful past! How about the baby? Arrange for a babysitter, of course. Or get a family member to look after your child for a couple of hours. Try not to think about the baby, please. You don't stop being a wife just because you became a mother. Let go in the embrace of your man.

How else did you reignite bedroom passion after delivering your baby? It would be great to hear your tips and tricks!

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I'm a mommy. My baby boy is eight months. Wow time flies. It feels like yesterday I was pushing him out... yeah for me at least it was as bad as I thought. When I was younger I thought I would be in a lot of pain and would take a long time yo recover. For me not the case. Here's my (short) birth story: I had contractions the night before the day at noon arrived at the hospital my water broke shortly after than bam at 3pm pushed my little angel out everything was so fast and not as bad as it seems. Every women is different. Some go through hell. Some go smooth sailing. After baby nothing really changed. My sex life didn't differ. In fact felt like superwomen. I was stronger than ever. I lost the baby weight rapidly. It was astonishing. I feel fantastic. I am superwomen :-)

in my late twenties and birth still grosses me out lol

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