How to Make Valentine's Day Special for Your Children ...


Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday that gets the hype of Christmas or a birthday, but it can still be a time for you to create special memories with your kids, no matter how old they are. Creating these memories will help your kid remember his childhood with fondness and a glow that comes from feeling loved. Wondering how to make the day special for your little ones? Here are some ideas that you are going to love just as much your kids will.

1. Give Each Other Homemade Valentines

Even if your child is a sullen teen or tween, she will enjoy getting a valentine from you. Even if she doesn’t show it. Gather some craft supplies and spend an afternoon creating masterpieces for one another. Use colored paper, yarn, glitter, pom poms, ribbon, sequins and anything else your heart desires. It will be so much fun trading valentines with each other!

Have a Special Meal
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