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7 Nutritional Tips for Eating Healthy during Your Pregnancy ...

By Anthony

Wondering how to eat healthy during your pregnancy? It's important to get the right nutrients so that you and your baby are healthy during pregnancy and after delivery. You've heard all about what you can't eat - sushi, unpasteurized cheese, wine, just to name a few, but do you know what you should be eating? Here's how to eat healthy during your pregnancy.

1 Always Eat Breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day! I love breakfast food and I'm sure you do too. Breakfast is a great opportunity to start your (and your baby's) day off right by boosting your nutrient intake. Breakfast is one of the best answers for how to eat healthy during your pregnancy.

2 Eat a High Fiber Diet

One good source of fiber is bananas. I really like them and think they are delicious and simply awesome, but most fruits and vegetables have fiber in them. Eat a wide variety for your baby's best heatlh.

3 Healthy Snacks

I suggest a pear, my favorite fruit. Other good snacks keep your energy up and provide your baby with vitamins and minerals. Nuts, string cheese, veggies and hummus or yogurt are good choices.

4 Take a Prenatal Vitamin Daily

Make sure it has folic acid and iron in it, according to your doctor's recommendations.

5 Consume 12 Ounces of Fish Weekly

I say bake fish is a good way to go and I've been eating it for many years now. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which your baby needs for proper brain and heart health.

6 Don't Eat Lunch Meat or Soft Cheeses

I love cheese so this would be a hard one for me. You can still eat Cheddar and pepper jack cheeses but stay away from those that aren't pasteurized. If you really want a sandwich, microwave your lunchmeat for a few seconds. Heat kills the germs that can make your baby sick.

7 No Alcohol and Limit Your Caffeine

Again, I love coffee so this would be another hard one for me. Limit your caffeine intake and stay away from liquor altogether. Talk to your doctor about specific guidelines.

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