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My husband is a master of household chores. In fact, he is not ashamed to admit that he is more domesticated than I am. Living alone for more than two decades taught him independence and that means being able to do household chores all around the kitchen and the bathroom, to name only two. With overactive twins in our household, the workload does get crazy but I am thankful for my husband who is so good at juggling work and family responsibilities. By observation, here are seven household tasks that domesticated dads, like my husband, do best:

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Cooking Food

Jeff does this best among all household chores. Born to Italian parents, he grew up with parents who know how to cook good food…and they know the best way to eat them too. That is: best eaten while hot!


Washing Dishes

I don’t know how many dads or husbands actually wash dishes. We are lucky in the Ruffolo home that my better half and the twins’ Dad can actually do this job. He worked as a dishwasher in a canteen while studying in college. That makes him an expert in dishwashing, at least to someone who hates washing dishes like me.


Doing the Laundry

Major confession: I was so lame at doing housework that my husband had to teach me how to do the laundry when we finally lived together under one roof. It takes a real man to teach his woman how to segregate the whites from the colored ones, and then teach her how to operate the washer and the dryer.


Changing Diapers

My husband has a daughter from his first marriage so he already had experience in changing diapers. He was the one who taught me how to do this major chore. I was so afraid that I might crush our kids (we have twins) the first time I changed their diapers. He was so patient with me and guided me every step of the way.


Bathing the Babies

I think dads are way better in giving baths because they have bigger hands so they provide more support for the baby. I might be wrong but that’s how I saw it when I first saw Jeff giving the twins their first bath. It was magical and scary at the same time. They were two, tiny people who were screaming as water touched their skin but they stopped crying when they heard their Dad speak. That was one special moment that keeps replaying in my mind.


Doing Groceries

Before I got married, some of my friends told me that their husbands “complain” because the grocery budget is too high. My friends said that’s not really the case, it’s just that the husbands don’t realize how expensive things are. When I got married to Jeff, I told him to continue doing the groceries so he knows how much money is spent at the supermarket. Expenses doubled with milk formula, baby food, baby wipes, and diapers added to the list, but he never complained.


Reading Stories

We read to our kids at least 10 minutes every single day. It’s me who reads the stories most of the time. My kids listen and they love me. But when their Dad reads a story to them, they react differently. Nicholas jumps up and down and stands near his Dad, while Antoinette claps her hands and asks to be seated on his lap. I think there is a special spell that dads cast on kids when they start reading a book to them. And I am guessing that’s because they don’t do it that often.

How about you? What household chores are done best by the head of your family?

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My partner only does cooking and helps me with grocery shopping lol

@Shel : YES, was thinking the same thing !

Shouldn't this be titled 7 household chores MY husband does best.? My partner hasn't got a clue about any of these chores, I blame his mother. But I think to title it the way it is is wrong. I was expecting the stereo typical jobs like fixing shelves and other DIY. This article just felt like she was bragging about how great her Italian husband is.

Awwh ur husband is amazing!!!! He sounds like my dad

Idk about this. Lol

Omg your husband sounds like he does everything! What do you do?? What a marvelous life.. I wish i lived like that.

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