Helpful 👍 Ways to Manage 🗃 an Argumentative 🗣 Teen ...


I'm sure many parents are happy to receive help with some ways to manage an argumentative teen.

Popular culture has sold us an idea of parenting that I don’t find very convincing at all: teenagers are scary and hard to handle. I’m pleasantly surprised to find that many kids like to be argumentative but respond to reason and fairness—usually, or at least often enough to make things run smoothly. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. As a kid, I was argumentative—annoyingly so. I’m kind of making this work for me. Here are some tips for managing an argumentative teen you may want to try with your quickly growing bundles of joy.

1. One Makes Parts, the Other Chooses

This is a fairly well known way to make sure that two people will share fairly. One kid divides the “object” to be shared and the other selects first. If your kids like fairness they will likely agree to this way of sharing. It also works with three kids. One makes the divisions, under the supervision of another. The third kid chooses first; the supervisor goes second and the divider chooses last.

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