Heat Danger and Other Horrible Mistakes We're Making๐Ÿšผ ...


As moms it seems like we're always doing something wrong, right? Most of the "mistakes" you make won't hurt your kid for life. Sometimes, however, the choices you make could be putting your baby in danger. Riding in the stroller seems safe enough, but make sure you aren't making these errors when you strap your little one in.

1. Stop Covering the Stroller with a Blanket

Many moms, myself included, has put a thin blanket over the stroller to keep the sun out of their baby's eyes and keep them in the shade. Your thought is your baby's safety, right? Experts say that doing this can easily cause your baby to overheat in the hot summer months. The heat doesn't have a way to escape, trapping it all around your little one. Use the sun shade that came with the stroller instead of the blanket and check your baby often to be sure he isn't overheating.

You Don't Apply the Brakes
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