7 Great Gift Ideas for the Special Kid in Your Life ...


7 Great Gift Ideas for the Special  Kid in Your Life ...
7 Great Gift Ideas for the Special  Kid in Your Life ...

Looking for some great gift ideas for kids? Kids are the best. And you don’t have to be a mother to have lots of love for a particular child in your life.

You could be an aunt, a godmother, or simply have love for your best friend’s child - it doesn’t matter! There’s a special little someone in your life who you are always trying to make smile.

So, what are some great kid gift ideas you can get for the special little person in your life?

Check out these 7 great gift ideas for kids that are perfect for gifting to that lovable little human for birthdays, holidays, or just because!

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Paint-It-Yourself Toy Block Kits

Almost every child receives toy blocks at a young age. They’re one of the most universal kid gift ideas around, and for good reasons. Toy blocks help children develop motor and spatial skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Rather than gift the little human in your life with ordinary blocks, go the more creative route. This is one of the best great gift ideas for kids.

Toy block kits allow children to paint and decorate their blocks before they play with them. You can help them further develop their motor and hand-eye coordination skills in the process!


Nest Swing

Does the special little human in your life laugh and giggle every time they go on a swing set? There’s no need for them to have to wait for the next time they go to the park. All they need is their own swing in their backyard.

But swing sets can be costly and difficult to install. Nest swings, on the other hand, are not only easier to hang. Lots of children find them more fun than traditional swings!

Nest swings come with a sturdy steel frame and a comfortable, heavy-duty fabric. They give children space and flexibility to swing as they lay on their tummies or backs.

Plus, most models can hold up to three children at a time. This is perfect if you have multiple children, nieces, or nephews!

For older children, you can gift them the fun of a swing board. These handcrafted tree boards allow kids - and adults - to swing or “surf” midair. They’re not only fun but help kids develop better balance.

Whichever one you buy, these modern and super-fun swings make awesome kid gift ideas for kids of all ages.


Stand up Chalk Holder

Chalk drawing is a classic children’s activity that adults can equally enjoy. The only downside to it is the messy hands and clothes. But with stand up chalk holders, kids can draw on sidewalks and driveways without the mess.

Traditional chalk drawing requires a lot of bending and back strain. So, these portable extended holders were originally invented for adults. With a stand-up chalk holder, you’ll be able to enjoy chalk drawing with the special little person in your life.

Stand up chalk holders make it easier for kids to draw chalk games. Plus, they’re helpful for kids looking to improve their drawing skills.


Bean Bag

Bean bags are nothing new when it comes to kid gift ideas. But if the little human in your life doesn’t yet have one, gift them with one in their favorite color!

There’s nothing cozier than spreading out across a bean bag. They’re great for reading time, watching movies, or even naps.

Bean bags come in a variety of fabrics and styles. Do they like Marvel superheroes or unicorns? Do they love playing soccer or catching butterflies? There’s no shortage of beanbags out there!


A Set of Wheels

Does the special little person in your life love extreme sports? Do they look forward to watching the X Games every summer? Or, are they constantly badgering their parents about trying snowboarding or skateboarding?

If this describes him or her, then there’s nothing better than a set of wheels, of course!

We’re not talking cars, obviously. But a new bike, skateboard, or roller blades make for great kid gift ideas. Especially for those adventurous kids with endless amounts of energy.

What about if they’re a little bit older and already have a bike or skateboard? ATV for little kids is growing in popularity and for lots of fun reasons.

With a mini ATV, the special little person in your life can fulfill their need for thrills at a safe cost. They’re especially great if you or their parents also ride ATV’s.

There are different ATV’s for different age groups. There are also different speed settings that parents can adjust themselves.

Make sure to buy a reputable model with backed reviews. You’ll also want to include a helmet, knee pads, goggles, and a chest and back protector.


Motorized Solar System

Does the special little person in your life love everything to do with planets and the stars? Want to teach them more about Earth and our solar system?

If so, a motorized solar system not only makes for an interesting educational gift.

There’s little assembly when it comes to motorized solar system kits. Many come with books for children to read and learn more about gravity and how the planets orbit the sun. Motorized solar systems also show kids how planets orbit the sun at different speeds.

Many models also light up or come with a nightlight feature, which is great if he or she is afraid of the dark.


Days Trips Make Great Kid Gift Ideas

Sometimes there’s no gift as perfect as quality time. Kids will always remember a day outing somewhere special.

Think about what your special little person enjoys. Do your research on museums and special events happening in your area. Set a date, invite their parents along, and have the time of your lives!

You don’t need to take them all the way to Disney World. But you can take them somewhere nearby that they’ll love just as much. Here are some ideas for day trips you can take with kids:

• A picnic
• The beach
• Planetarium
• The circus
• The zoo
• Kids museum
• A movie
• A farm
• A cooking class
• A professional sports game

No matter what you get them or where you take them, one thing is certain:

Your child, niece, nephew, or godchild will love it!

Got any other awesome kid gift ideas? What kinds of children’s gifts have you given in the past?

Let us know in the comments!

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