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Finding the right brands of baby bottles can be a tough job! There are so many forms of bottles these days to cater to our babies' exact needs. Some bottles are incredibly complicated to put together, some come with tons of parts, and some are so simple to put together you can practically do it in your sleep (or sleep-deprived state). Really your choice just depends on your baby, and you. These are my personal favorite 7 brands of baby bottles.

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One of my go-to brands of baby bottles is the BPA Free standard bottles. These bottles (just like every bottle) comes in a variety of sizes. Almost all bottles are BPA free which are safe for baby! The standard, generic bottles also have cute, fun designs catered to both genders.



If you're pumping, I highly recommend Medela bottles. They have the standard bottles, or even the new Medela Calma. I have personally used the standard bottle and have nothing but great reviews for it. It's easy to use and easy to store the liquid gold, and easy to put together when ready to feed. Clean-up is easy too! Can't beat that!



Nuby has a "variety of stages" system that works and grows with baby. I've used this brand and liked the 3 stage grow nursing system. It made it easy to switch from bottle, to zippy, to cup. My little boys loved that the bottle stayed the same, and it was easy for them to adjust with just the nipple being exchanged.



One of my other favorite brands has to be Avent, it's cute, unique designs and easy to clean system make it my absolute favorite. No leaks, no fuss, simple to use, and easy to carry. They now even have a variety of different bottles to choose from, including natural, breast, and glass bottles.



Now, these little gems are designed for fussy, colicky babies. We had used this bottle for my eldest son, although cleaning the bottle and its spare parts was a hassle. The bottle did its job, reducing the amount of bubbles and air in the bottle while baby was drinking. The lack of air bubbles meant less gas, and less colic. It's a bit tedious, but well worth it to reduce colic.



These were my favorite when we were on road trips, or on the go. Not only do they make clean up easy, but they also help colicky babies. It was a little messy at times, being just a liner in a bottle. But it was nice to be able to just toss the liner once the baby was done feeding.



I just recently tried this specific brand, and I'm 50/50 but love it nonetheless. The cute designs and variety of bottles make it nice for any type of hungry baby. It's a bit oddly shaped, which I personally think make it hard to store in diaper bags, but, the easy latch on nipple shape and the super sensitive anti-colic valve are amazing! No leaks for us, and easy to clean as well!

These are my go-to brands and types of baby bottles, although I feel like I've tried every brand there is available! The types and varieties really depend on your precious baby and his or her needs. What are your favorite bottle brands? Are there some you just simply despise? Are there any you recommend? Let me know!

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