Giveaway Contest Handmade Knit Baby Hat by Kids' Precious Couture ...


Giveaway Contest Handmade Knit Baby Hat by Kids' Precious Couture ...
Giveaway Contest Handmade Knit Baby Hat by Kids' Precious Couture ...

We have been feeling so loved here at All Women Stalkwith all of the wonderful giveaways and again we want to thank all of the vendors and** Etsy shops likeKids' Precious Couture for their kindness. Dianira Soto was so wonderful to give one of our luck readers this sweet **handmade knit baby hat, thank you to all of those who entered and congrats to all the mommies and daddies on their little bundles of joy!
And the Winner is...
Congrats to Kristin D!! We are so excited for you that you get to share this adorable knit baby hat from Kids' Precious Couturewith your best friend who just had a baby!! We know your friend will love it and hope you will come back to share how beautiful it looks on her baby girl! Thank you again to Dianira Sotoand everyone for stalking All Women Stalk!
We're having such an exciting week here at All Women Stalkwith three giveaways, thank you again to all of the amazing Etsy shops and vendors who share these wonderful products with our readers. Today we are so happy to share with you a lovely baby giveaway of a handmade knit bear hat for newborns to 3 months old. The sweet Dianira Soto from Etsy shop Kids' Precious Couture is so kind to give one of our lucky mommy or daddy readers this adorable flower, bear hat for their little one...
Getting to Know Kids' Precious Couture & Dianira Soto...
"A little bit about me... I used to spend my summers at home at a very young age learning how to crochet from my mother. I still have my very first pink Barbie blanket I crocheted at the age of 8! I’d watch my grandmother make all the grandkids quilts and the cousins matching outfits to wear for the holidays!! Of course as a kid, we were all mortified to be wearing matching outfits!!! But as an adult, I realize all the love that went into each of those stitches and the endless hours she spent at the sewing machine making us so many beautiful items!! I never sat down with my grandma to teach me how to sew but I remember asking my mother to buy me my first sewing machine in 6th grade! Probably around this time is when my neighbor taught me how to knit. I’m not really sure when I stopped.

About 10 or so years ago I picked up a Vogue knitting book at a work book faire and decided I wanted to make this gorgeous cable-knit sweater. I remember signing up for a knitting class at a local store because I hadn’t knit in well over 10 years and nobody had ever taught me from a pattern book. So the lady tells me that I can’t make the sweater because a cable pattern is the hardest thing you can start with. Oh the challenge!!! I was done with my first cable-knit sweater in less than a week and I couldn’t understand what was so hard about it!! I moved onto making tons of baby blankets, coats for friends, scarves, etc.. Then I stopped again. Made some blankets, beanies, and sweaters for my own little babies and then life of a working mom on-the-go took over.

A year ago a local photographer found out I knit and my life changed. I am back to knitting and crocheting!! Making things I never thought I would be making! And making my own designs, which is amazing to me, never imagined I would be doing my own designs!!

Life is busy to say the least, I’m the mother of two smart, beautiful children and juggling a full-time job outside the home and making these wonderful little baby hats and blankets is challenging some nights! But someday I would love to be doing this full-time and calling my full-time job my part-time work!

For now I’m happy with how things are moving along and trying to keep building it up!

As for my inspiration, it hits at any given moment. For example some months ago I was at my neighbors' sons' 1st birtday party bash and she had this amazing Cookie Monster cake and I'm looking at it and looking at each little strand of frosting and it hit me! I'm going to make a Cookie Monster hat!! The other day driving around with my husband brain storming of items I can make that go together the Trash Can for the Cookie Monster came to mind. Stay tuned because it's coming!! There's not one thing in particular that inspires, happens at any given moment. Who knows I might be making soccer hats next week since my kids start soccer practice! :)

Enjoy browsing my full shop here

“Like” my shop on Facebook to keep up with the latest designs.

Thank you so much from Dianira Soto of Kids’ Precious Couture!!

How to Enter...
So how can you win this adorable** handmade bear hat** for your little one? For one entry, please leave one comment telling us if you would use this hat for your daughter or if you would give it to a friend who just had a baby! For a 2nd entry, please leave another comment telling us you "Like" Kids' Precious CoutureandAll Women Stalkon facebook and for a 3rd entry tell us that you like All Women Stalkon twitter!

You can also stop by Dianira Soto's Etsy shopfor 10% off certain items, but it does not include blankets over 36" or the buckets. Just remember to tell her you are from the All Women Stalkgiveaway.

Good luck to all of our readers and thank you again to Dianira Soto. Have a great weekend everyone and come back next Friday to see if you won!

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What a fun giveaway! I just found out a family friend is having a little girl, so this would be a perfect gift!

How cute! I just had a little girl and would love this hat for her pictures.

followed on twitter~ :D

Now following all Women Stalk on twitter!

I LOVE this little hat. It would look so cute on my neice!!!!! I like both on facebook :)

Hey there! My cousin has recently had just an adorable little girl. She's close to the age of 2 now and so this hat would just be perfect for her! I know the mother would deeply appreciate it! Awe, how cute!

My 6 month old daughter is a bald little cutie. She would love to have a hat to keep her tiny head warm (and stylish!).

I follow on Twitter!

I have a really cute cousin turning 3 this year, and I would love to give this to her as a b-day gift :D its sooooo cute~

I just tried commenting, so I hope this comment doesn't post twice. That picture is soo adorable! And this would definitely be perfect for my niece!

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