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Do you need some fun things to put in your child's Easter basket? I'm always struggling to find alternatives to candy to stuff in the Easter Baskets that will be fun and exciting just like candy, without actually being candy. If you're like me, your kids are hyper enough without the added sugar. So here is a compiled list of fun things to put in your child's Easter basket.

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Sidewalk Chalk

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Chalk is such a fun Easter gift because it gives the kids something to do outside. Fresh air is great and keeps them active. Not warm in your area yet? It'll give them something to look forward to.



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My kids are already obsessed with Shopkins, so throwing them in a plastic egg is a genius idea! It's festive and they'll get to play with the surprises inside.



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Depending on the age of your kid, bubbles are a great choice. They're fun, you have so many options from colored, to scented, to bubble shooters, and, it gives them lots of outdoor playtime which will wear them out!



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It doesn't have to be this book, but this one is fun and festive. Plus, it's an easy reader so if you've got one in lower grades in school they can read it themselves probably. Any book is a great filler for an Easter Basket because it's educational.


Bath Drops

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My girls absolutely go crazy over these! It makes bathtime fun, doesn't stain the tub, and adds some joy to their days without feeling like you've got to fill the basket with candy to make them happy.


Stuffed Animal

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Again, doesn't have to be this particular one, but it's Easter themed and totally adorable. Beanie Boos are the new-age version of Beanie Babies so kids enjoy collecting them. It'll give them something new and fun to snuggle at night too.



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I'm way too OCD to play Playdoh with my kids because they mix all the colors in a matter of seconds. However, they enjoy it so it's fine by me! It allows them to be creative, there are tons of accessory options to buy as well such as cutouts, kits, and more. Plus, you can buy it already filled in Easter eggs which would make a great option for a hunt!


Coloring Books

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I'm all about the themes because I think it makes it more fun, but any regular old coloring book and a pack of crayons will surely make your kid one happy camper this Easter when they find them in their baskets.



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My oldest is almost 6 so she LOVES getting makeup! This is a fun basket filler for her because it brings her happiness, and to me, that's all I want for holidays for my children. Sure, it may be messy and she may look like a clown, but those memories are priceless for both of us. Even something as simple as a few flavored lip glosses will have her jumping for joy!



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I can't get over how stinking cute these Easter egg stampers are! Another creative gift that allows your kids to have hours of entertainment, and also give you some new pictures to hang on the fridge.


Small Candies

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Yes, I do still give my children some candy on Easter because well, I'm not a monster. This is a great option for both of us because they enjoy getting a treat and I don't have to worry about a Halloween repeat where I have candy laying around for months.



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These are a great example of what crafts I put in their baskets. Or even those foam crafts where you peel and stick decorations on are fabulous choices. I usually won't buy for that holiday, but rather, try to find for the next one, only because my husband’s military so we have to mail everything out to grandparents and at that point it's outdated. It's fun for them, fun for you to do with them, and fun for whoever is the recipient of the artwork.


Crafts are a great way to add a personal touch to your children's Easter baskets. You can find a variety of fun crafts at your local craft store or online. Foam crafts are a great option for younger children, as they can peel and stick decorations on them. Older children can enjoy painting and coloring activities. You can also find kits with pre-cut shapes and decorations. If you are mailing out the baskets, it is best to buy crafts for the next holiday, as they may be outdated by the time they arrive. Crafting is a great way to spend quality time with your children and create something special for the Easter holiday.


Perler Beads

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These were my favorite as a kid and are still my favorite to do as a mom. Another fun and creative thing for the kids, while either myself or whoever they feel like giving them to, gets a sweet memento of my child’s childhood. We have so much fun doing these, it's the one activity my daughter will actually sit for!



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I swear my daughters have these puzzles in every character, size, scene, you name it! Puzzles are great for working their minds and teaching them problem solving, reasoning, and patience which my kids have yet to master. Haha!



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Here in the South, we spend A LOT of time outside, so I always look for outdoor stuff for my kids. These knobby balls are great because of the different colors, the smaller sizes for tiny hands, and my youngest used to love teething with them.



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I know these are made for the bath, but they're also fun to take in the pool. Kids love them and I love happy kids! The packs of these are great because then there usually isn't fighting.



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Stickers…. Stickers and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the fun my kids have with them and the pictures I get, but I HATE when they wind up places other than the paper (like my floor or walls).

Any other ideas you have to add? Are you going to try going less candy and more like things on this list for baskets this year?

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