10 Fun Green Activities to do with the Kids ...


Do you need some ideas for green activities for kids? We are constantly being encouraged to make the planet greener and to make positive changes in our lives to make the world a more eco friendly place. For the majority of us, a busy lifestyle doesn't leave us much time to consider how we can encourage our children to adapt to this way of thinking. With the rise of social media, often children spend their time consumed in the world of technology and hours are spent watching television, playing computer games and surfing the Internet. However, by finding some fun green activities for kids, you can help to educate your children on the benefits of going green and enjoy spending some quality time together. Take a look at our list to discover some great ideas to try and see just how much fun green activities for kids can be.

1. Gardening

A great way to spend some time outdoors and to encourage one of the best green activities for kids is gardening. Even if you don't have a big garden, you can still find plenty of things to do out there. Try planting some new bulbs or clearing all the weeds. If children have their own plants or area in the garden to look after themselves, it will really inspire them to remain interested and allow them to see the progress and results of their hard work. Not only can this time be educational but also it can provide hours of fun and much needed family time.

Board Games
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