7 Fun-Filled Ideas for a Kids Halloween Party ...

Are you hosting a kids Halloween party for your little goblins this year? Are you wondering how you are going to keep those ghosts and ghouls entertained in a fun and age-appropriate way? Here's a look at some simple, age-appropriate and fun game ideas that will make your kids Halloween party the event of the season.

1. Bobbing for Apples

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Yes, this is an age-old tradition at a kids Halloween party, and for good reason; because it's a ton of fun! I'm sure you remember how to play this game, but just in case you need a refresher here goes. Fill up a bowl with lukewarm water and float some apples in it. With their hands behind their backs, kids have to try to catch an apple from the water using only their mouths. This game always results in screeches of delight. Just make sure you have some towels on hand.

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