7 Fun Beds for Your Kids ...


7 Fun Beds for Your Kids ...
7 Fun Beds for Your Kids ...

Too many nightmares, boogie monsters and problems when it’s time for bed? Then you must be looking for some fun beds for your kids to sleep in and dream happy, fun dreams. A cool racing car, a bed fit for a princess or a relatively simple and yet interesting bed might help your child to conquer its fears of the dark and actually start looking forward to going to bed. I’ve found not one or two but seven of such fun beds for your kids so, if you’re in the market for one, do take a peek at my suggestions.

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MAMMUT Pink Bed Price: $159.99 at ikea.com
Simple and, yet, very effective – this unusual pink bed will sure make your little girl happy. I’ve seen it at IKEA just a week ago and it really made me wish I could stop growing up and start growing down! It’s very low in details, I know, but its unusual style will sure add some color and shape to your little lady’s playing and sleeping area, plus it’s incredibly easy to assemble, so you won’t have call in a whole construction team to help you interpret the assembly scheme.


Disney Princess Toddler Bed

Disney Princess Toddler Bed Price: $79.99 at toysrus.com
All those sweet dreams of happily ever afters sometimes need a little push and what better way there is to do so than to fall asleep and wake up in your own princess bed every morning. I bet a lot of us grownups would love to be reminded of how simple and fun the fairytale world is but, sorry guys, this is for kids only. Your little princess doesn’t need to know how exhausting real world can get yet, so let her enjoy childhood, fairytale fantasies and, of course, sweet dreams.


Duke the Floppy Dog Bed

Duke the Floppy Dog Bed Price: $299.99 at toysrus.com
Plush toys are always a warm, loving and soothing company so, why not get a whole plush toy bed to help your toddler overcome that fear of dark and boogie monsters lurking in the closet. His new plush friend will be there to offer a dreamy hug and chase away all those bad dreams and, since this bed is hypoallergenic and completely washable, you can rest assured there will be no bed bugs waiting to bite.



KRITTER Bed Price: $89.99 at ikea.com
Your little baby boy and his blue room could sure use a pair of blue woodland critters, too. Well, thanks to IKEA, you can now get a gorgeous bed and give your child sweet and safe place to dream those happy dreams for a price that won’t break your bank. Now, isn’t this one great offer? Yup, finding fun beds for your kids is not always easy and budget-friendly but you can always count on IKEA to give you what you need, when you need it and for the amount of money you’re willing to spend!


Spaceship Toddler Bed

Spaceship Toddler Bed Price: $199.99 at toysrus.com
Buzz Lightyear is ready for another Toy Story adventure but, from now on, your beloved astronaut will be responsible for saving the day. So, if you’re in the market for fun beds for your kids and they just happened to be huge Toy Story fans, opting for this bed is a no-brainer.


Racing Car Convertible Bed

Racing Car Convertible Bed Price: $279.99 at toysrus.com
Fun, colorful and totally practical- if you’re looking for a bed that’s fun to sleep in, look no further than this one. Your child will love it and it won’t have to give it up either! Yup, you heard good- this one is not like most toddler beds and you won’t have to throw away once your child outgrows the crib mattress. Just replace the crib mattress with a standard twin size mattress and it’s ready to be used and loved again.


Princess Castle Tent Bed

Princess Castle Tent Bed Price: $489.99 at toysrus.com
The last of my suggestions of fun beds for your kids is this fairytale multifunctional bed that won’t only ensure sweet dreams but give your princess something interesting to do while she’s awake. Tent-like hiding place in the bottom can be her very own dungeon full of treasures and mythical creatures while a fun slide she can use to get out of her enchanted tower turns the long, annoying process of getting out of the bed into a fun adventure she’ll be more than willing to go on.

What do you think of these 7 fun beds for your kids? You know… Seeing them makes me wish I could be a kid again!

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