7 Fun Baby Shower Games That Your Guests and You Will Love ...


My favorite thing about going to baby showers has always been getting to play baby shower games. They are both fun and keep guests entertained. Playing baby shower games is also a great way to get your guests talking to each other. If you've got a shower coming up, here are 7 fun games to consider playing.

1. Baby Bottle Drinking Game

The baby bottle drinking game is one of the easiest baby shower games to play. It can also be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Simply take some inexpensive baby bottles, like the ones you can purchase from dollar stores and fill them with a liquid. Most people use water or juice, but select a beverage of your choice. To start the game, give all of your guest a bottle. Instruct your guests to drink the bottle. The first guest who drinks their entire bottle wins the game.

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