7 Fun and Special Mom and Son Date Ideas ...


I absolutely love the idea of spending focused time with my son and having special mom and son date ideas to act on throughout the month. There's something so unique and rewarding about setting aside special moments of intentional play that show your sweet boy that you love him deeply. Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with mom and son date ideas that are interesting, not too expensive and also worthwhile. Here are some idea for you and your boy that I think you'll enjoy!

1. Cook a Special Meal Together

Kids love to help their parent's do things around the house when they are young and want to imitate the most important adults in their lives. My son loves to scoot the ottoman from the living room into the kitchen, stand on it and "help" me cook. Regardless of age, cooking together can be one of those awesome mom and son date ideas that you'll always have together. Pick his favorite meal and just have fun together in the kitchen, laughing and being silly while making some delicious grub!

Watch His Favorite Movie and Snuggle
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