7 Fun Activities for Aunty and Toddler ...


I love being an aunty, so wanted to dedicate this article to my niece Evelyn, encouraging everyone to think of fun activities for aunty and toddler. I love playing games with my sister's little one, with one of the advantages of being an aunty is that you get to hand them over at the end of the day. From soft play to museums and play parks there are so many fun activities to enjoy and make memories that last a lifetime.

1. Soft Play

Soft play is my favourite activity for aunty and toddler fun. What could be better than an entire room filled with tunnels and bricks and a bouncy castle? Soft play is toddler heaven – they can run wild and free with all the other children and the great thing is that you get to act like a kid too as you chase after them. This is the perfect activity to tire out a little one before nap time.

Story Time
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