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9 Foods to Eat when Pregnant ...

By Jordin

Every expectant mother should know which foods to eat when pregnant! Any veggie or fruit or other wholesome food item is an excellent choice, but there are some foods that are simply loaded with health benefits for you and baby both. Knowing which foods to eat when pregnant can lower your risk for gestational diabetes, increase your chances of having a smoother labor, and help you avoid other tricky pregnancy issues and concerns! Keep on reading to know which items to stock up on at the grocery store.

1 Oats

Oats are one of the top foods to eat when pregnant, especially if you suffer from occasional constipation as many expectant mothers do! Oats are full of fiber and vitamin B, among other minerals. Have some oatmeal for breakfast, but don’t forget that you can add oats to other recipes like muffins or pancakes.

2 Nuts

Nuts have so very many health benefits that it would be hard to name them all at once! Nuts are loaded with fats, but it’s mostly the fats that are good for you and your baby. You can incorporate nuts into your diet by adding them to salads, fish platters, or pasta. Snack on a handful or two throughout the day if you need a quick pick-me-up!

3 Mangoes

If you love the tropical fruits, you’re in luck because mangoes are one of the absolute best fruits ever to eat while you are pregnant! This little fruit has a powerful amount of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium. I love fresh mango, but you could add some into soups, salads, or oatmeal if you like.

4 Avocados

Have you been battling morning sickness throughout your pregnancy? Avocados will help nix nausea and take away those icky feelings! You can spread some on whole-wheat toast or add a little into your salad or sandwiches. Some people love to make a dip for their chips with avocado. Watch out though: avocados are rich in fats, so they will help you pack on the pounds if you eat too much.

5 Red Pepper

Red peppers are one of my favorite fruits! I can’t resist their sweet and juicy crunch! Red peppers are loaded with vitamins A, C, and B6, and there are plenty of ways to get your fill on these little delights. Eat them fresh with some low-fat dip, add them to your salad or salsa, or throw some into a stir-fry!

6 Eggs

An excellent source of protein, eggs are quick and easy to cook up for you and baby. You can have an egg cooked any way you like, as long as you thoroughly cook it to avoid food poisoning. Look for eggs with DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to your baby’s brain and eye development.

7 Yogurt

It’s important to get enough calcium when you are pregnant. Your baby needs calcium for good bone development. Yogurt has plenty of folic acid in it too. Look for all natural ingredients, and the less sugar a yogurt contains, the better it is for you and baby!

8 Lentils

Protein is an important nutrient your diet needs plenty of for baby’s development! Beans will provide protein, as well as iron and folic acid. Lentils are the best beans for cooking because they readily absorb the flavors of whatever foods you are cooking them with, and they are very easily digested as well.

9 Carrots

Here’s a great snack to munch on the go! Carrots are excellent to aid in your baby’s teeth, eye and bone development. The good thing about carrots is that they can be pureed or shredded up and added to almost any dish unbeknownst to your taste buds. Try adding them to cakes, muffins, and meatloaves.

When you are eating healthy, you can have the satisfaction of knowing your baby is eating healthy too! Don’t underestimate the value that good and nutritious food offers. You can still have the occasional ice cream cone, but make sure your main diet consists of these healthy foods to ensure a fantastic pregnancy! What are some of your favorite foods during pregnancy?

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