10 Fantastic DIY Play Kitchens ...


10 Fantastic DIY Play Kitchens ...
10 Fantastic DIY Play Kitchens ...

DIY Play Kitchens are all sorts of adorable. The DIY play kitchens we have here will make you wish that you can have a 2nd childhood. And for some of us who don't have kids, these DIY play kitchens will perhaps make you consider making one or two anytime soon. Personally, these adorable play kitchens are making me wish that I have a better-looking grown-up kitchen.

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Ikea Nightstands

Ikea Nightstands Isn't this a lovely, modern** DIY play kitchen**? The owner of this beautiful handmade treasure is one lucky boy. The basic materials used by his dad were two Ikea nightstands. There are more amazing details of this play kitchen that you should check out. Follow the link below.



Old Nightstand

Old Nightstand This DIY play kitchen is made out of one nightstand. What Gina did involved cutting the legs off the nightstand, buying scrap wood to add details, painting, and making the pretty curtain. The curtain, by the way, is my favorite detail of this cute play kitchen.



Salvaged TV Unit

Salvaged TV Unit An entertainment center is the ideal building block of a handmade DIY play kitchen. The chef that owns the kitchen above is Milla. Her cooking area was built by her grandparents using an old TV unit that they got for $30. I love the shelves along the fridge doors! The window is a lovely touch, too.



From Scratch

From Scratch The link below will lead you to a play kitchen tutorial on Better Homes & Gardens. You will most likely need the assistance of your husband, brother, or boyfriend if you are planning on tackling this tutorial. Have fun! Don't forget to choose colorful paints and accessories.



Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Now THAT is a creative and fun transformation. This play kitchen is also for a little boy; it's pretty obvious from the masculine and modern design, right? My favorite part of this play kitchen will have to be the chalkboard door of the fridge. Isn't it neat? The orange accessories are fun, too.




Handmade This gorgeous DIY play kitchen is perfect for a darling little girl. This little beauty was sold on Etsy by a talented building duo, Chris and Krista. They no longer sell these but you can take inspiration from this adorable design. I bet you can even make yours using reclaimed furniture.



From Scratch II

From Scratch II This play kitchen is a labor of love, you can tell. Any little girl will be very happy to be given this beautiful pretend kitchen. This was built using Ana White's fun projects but Kirsten added cute touches here and there. Visit the link to know how she assembled this work of art.



This play kitchen, known as "From Scratch II," is a popular DIY project for parents looking to create a special gift for their child. It was inspired by Ana White's project ideas and was personalized with unique touches by its creator, Kirsten. This play kitchen is not only visually appealing, but also provides a fun and imaginative play experience for young girls. It was featured in a giveaway on the women-focused blog, The Crafting Chicks, where readers could enter to win a custom photo backdrop and learn more about this impressive DIY project.


TV Stand

TV Stand Another entertainment center-turned-play kitchen? Yes. And yes, you should take design notes from this adorable kiddie kitchen. This has a bit of a modern feel, too, as per the two-door fridge. I love the addition of plants; aren't they darling?



Old Furniture

Old Furniture These three play furniture/home appliances are made from salvaged furniture. For those who doubt their skill level, Ashley shares: If you can weld a saw, attach a hinge, and paint…You can totally do this one yourselves. Yep, that pretty much applies to every DIY play kitchen idea here.



Craigslist Entertainment Center

Craigslist Entertainment Center Don't buy a play kitchen that can cost you several hundred dollars. Go to Craigslist, buy an entertainment center, and make your own! Check out how Kirby (and the rest of the family) helped make and complete this beautiful play kitchen.


As you can see, repurposing old furniture is one of the popular materials for making a** DIY play kitchen**. I suggest you go that route if you wish to save money. Once you've constructed your handmade play kitchen, you can then ask relatives to buy toys and accessories for your little boy or girl's cooking area. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to help out.

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