7 Fabulous Places to Shop for Kids Clothes on the Cheap ...


7 Fabulous Places to Shop for Kids Clothes on the Cheap ...
7 Fabulous Places to Shop for Kids Clothes on the Cheap ...

Kids are so expensive, so finding places to shop for kids that don’t cost an arm and a leg is life saving for your bank account and your sanity. Also, if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll ruin their clothes on a regular basis, so it doesn’t hurt so much if you didn’t shell out big bucks in the first place. Finding places to shop for kids that are affordable doesn’t mean ugly stuff either, so peruse my list and get ready to save, save, save!

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Garage Sales

Yes, a bulk of the stuff sold at garage sales is old and used, but if you’re willing to dig through what’s there, you can find some nice kids clothing for small prices. That makes them fun places to shop for kids. This is especially true if a friend with older kids hosts the garage sale. Look in ads and on Craigslist for garage sales that are selling kids stuff and then map out your route. Be sure to take change coins and dollar bills so you’re ready to buy!


The Thrift Store

Much like garage sales, there is a lot of crap at thrift stores. At the same time, you can find really great stuff! Many stores host specials on the weekends and just before school starts so you can load up on great stuff for not a lot of money. Take your child along so he can try on the goods before you buy because most thrift stores don’t do returns.



I love this place! Not only do they have affordable stuff to start with, but you can scope out the clearance racks for clothing that you can then save for the next season. Be sure to buy a size up so it fits. I’ve bought jeans at Target for under $5! Target is the best place to find shirts, sweatshirts and pajamas that are trendy, but not super expensive. Get their red debit card and you can save an extra 5% automatically without having to put another credit card into your wallet.



Yep, it’s a big name department store, but you can find a ton of inexpensive stuff. Bypass the big names and check out the Everyday Values and the Greendog brand. They’re affordable and in style so your kids are sure to love what’s on the racks. Macy’s also has wonderful clearance sales almost every day of the week, so check back often for new and trendy things anytime your child outgrows her current wardrobe.



Often people sell bundles of clothes in one size for a specific season. You can get a box full of goods for not a lot of dough. This is an especially good option for baby clothes because infants outgrow their garments quickly, but don’t wear them out. That means like-new clothes that won’t cost a ton. Use caution, however, as this is an anonymous site so you never know who you’ll encounter when you go pick up the clothes. Take someone with you!


Consignment Shops

Parents who are picky about their kids’ clothes often sell them to consignment shops. These stores have regulations regarding what brands they accept and what condition they must be in. That translates to big name clothes that still look great for a fraction of the cost of brand new duds.


Hand Me Downs

Nothing gets cheaper than free! Talk to friends with older kids or hit up cousins or siblings for their kids’ outgrown garments. You can get great clothes and know their origin without having to pull out your wallet. Plus it’s fun to see your kids wear special items that their cousins or friends already wore.

How do you save money when you shop for your kids? My kids are fortunate to be on the smaller end, so they get great clothes from all their friends

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oops, should have finished with where the clothes come from :) the money you save can lead to spending fun times with your kids, like trips to the zoo, movies at the theater, stopping for ice cream treats, thats what they'll remember anyways, not what brand their jeans were in 1st grade :)

h & m

Thrift shop ? Garage sale? Omg for my kids NEVeR

^^^ why not?? You can find really good quality clothing, that's clean and not ripped or torn for bugger all money. As long as you wash it before your children wear it, there shouldn't be issues.

little kids should not be into brand names, as long as they fit, are clean, and mostly go with the current styles it shouldn't matter whet

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