7 Fabulous Places to Shop for Kids Clothes on the Cheap ...


Kids are so expensive, so finding places to shop for kids that don’t cost an arm and a leg is life saving for your bank account and your sanity. Also, if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll ruin their clothes on a regular basis, so it doesn’t hurt so much if you didn’t shell out big bucks in the first place. Finding places to shop for kids that are affordable doesn’t mean ugly stuff either, so peruse my list and get ready to save, save, save!

1. Garage Sales

Yes, a bulk of the stuff sold at garage sales is old and used, but if you’re willing to dig through what’s there, you can find some nice kids clothing for small prices. That makes them fun places to shop for kids. This is especially true if a friend with older kids hosts the garage sale. Look in ads and on Craigslist for garage sales that are selling kids stuff and then map out your route. Be sure to take change coins and dollar bills so you’re ready to buy!

The Thrift Store
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