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If you have kids, you naturally need a place for them to play, so playroom ideas are just what you need. That way you can corral toys and give your little ones a space of their own. They'll have a room they can call their own and you won't be tripping over toys all the time. As a parent, you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you? Here are some great playroom ideas to inspire you!

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Magnet and Chalkboard

Magnet and Chalkboard Via theculinarycouple.com
One of my favorite playroom ideas is to create a wall where they can draw with chalk. All kids love that!


Hanging Clipboards

Hanging Clipboards Via How to Decorate a Child's ...
Hang some clipboards on the wall so you can switch out your kids' artwork whenever the mood strikes. This is also great for keeping papers from piling up all over the place.


Storage Bins

Storage Bins Via 35 Awesome Kids Playroom Ideas ...
Storage for all of your kids' things is a major component of a functional playroom.


Or Baskets

Or Baskets Via Colorful Playroom Interiors...
Baskets work just as well as bins and come in lots of shapes and fun colors.


Add a Stage

Add a Stage Via Playrooms!!
Kids love putting on shows, so add a small stage area to your playroom and get ready for loads of presentations.


Bench Storage Center

Bench Storage Center Via 5 Easy Storage and Organization ...
What a fabulous idea! A place for everyone to sit and a place to store tons of toys.


For Older Kids

For Older Kids Via Ikea Transformations for Stylish and ...
I can see older kids loving this space. They can use the bins for video games or art supplies.


Family Friendly

Family Friendly Via Gender Neutral Nursery and Playroom ...
This room is fun and functional enough that the entire family can hang out here.


Seating Area

Seating Area Via Five Kids' Playroom Ideas To ...
Set up a little seating area so your kids can enjoy their favorite movies and television shows.


Fun Rug

Fun Rug Via Budget Basement Decorating to Create ...
Imagine the hours of fun your kids could have driving their cars around on this fun carpet.


Lots of Color

Lots of Color Via 35 Awesome Kids Playroom Ideas ...
Kids love bright colors, so the more, the better when it comes to setting up a playroom.


Book Shelves

Book Shelves Via Libbie Grove Design: Bookshelves (Lookshelves)
Of course, you want lots of shelving so your kids are inspired to read lots of books in their playroom.


Hideaway Space

Hideaway Space Via fuerzainternational.blogspot.com.au
Every kids needs a place to hide and this teepee made out of sheets is perfect.


Table and Chairs

Table and Chairs Via Chalkboard Walls
Add a table and chairs so your little ones have a place to color or make art projects.


Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow Blinds Via Dream home
What kid wouldn't love these?


Color Palette

Color Palette Via Imaginative Kids' Playroom Ideas for ...
Choose a color palette for your playroom so everything ties together and looks great.


Indoor Playground

Indoor Playground Via Playroom Design: DIY Playroom with ...
If you have the means to do something like this, go for it! You'll have the coolest playroom in town.


Castle Play Space

Castle Play Space Via Kids' Playroom Design Ideas
Your child's inner knight won't be able to get enough of spending time in this room.


Fun Accessories

Fun Accessories Via kleurrijk en een plaatsje voor ...
All the fun little accessories in this room make it so perfect for kids.


Striped Rug

Striped Rug Via Love the color scheme & ...
Nothing makes a playroom more fun than a brightly colored striped rug like this one.


Display Stuff

Display Stuff Via 35 Adorable Kids Playroom Ideas ...
I love how there is so much room to display all of your children's favorite things. Get a load of how huge this room is!


A Whole Wall for Artwork

A Whole Wall for Artwork Via Art Gallery for Kids
An entire wall for artwork lets you put up every little thing your child makes.


Fun Storage

Fun Storage Via Faça você mesmo
What a fun and super cute way to store your child's toys.


Bean Bags

Bean Bags Via kiddos.
Kids love bean bags, so toss a couple in their playroom so they have a fun place to lounge.


Attic Room

Attic Room Via Turn The Attic Into A ...
My playroom is in the basement, but I would love to have this one too.

What's your favorite playroom idea? Please feel free to share any other great tips and tricks you have.

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