7 Easy to Follow Halloween Safety Tips for Families ...


Following Halloween safety tips is an easy way to enjoy the holiday without having to worry that someone will be hurt. Halloween is a great time for kids and adults, but it’s also a night when there are a lot of people out and about, which increases the risk of injuries as well as losing your little ones in the dark. That’s why it’s so important to be extra cautious, whether you’re heading out to trick or treat or are having a spooky party at home. Check out these easy Halloween safety tips and your day will be that much better.

1. Light It up

Have you ever experienced the terror of thinking you lost track of your kid in the dark? It happens, which is why one of my best Halloween safety tips is to light your child up when you go out for candy. You can do this by attaching a couple of strips of reflective tape to his costume. I like to get my kids a couple of glow bracelets. They add a bit of spookiness to their costume and I can see them wherever they go.

Choose Safe Costumes
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