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There’re some diaper bag essentials that’re a must when you’re a mom on the go. Life is busy for most moms, whether you’re a working or stay-at-home mom. It’s good to have these extras in your diaper bag for when they’re needed. So besides the expected diapers and wipes, these are some diaper bag essentials you don’t want to leave home without.

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Diaper Rash Medicine

Diaper rash medicine must make the list of diaper bag essentials. Finding your baby broken out with a diaper rash means a miserable day for both of you without this essential packed along. It only takes a little extra room in your diaper bag and can really save the day. Two really good choices in diaper rash medicine are Balmex and Desitin Creamy. They can clear a diaper rash up in hours.


Extra Outfits

Babies do go through a lot of clothing, don’t they? Leaving the house without extra outfits is inviting disaster. You don’t always need them but you’re sure to if you don’t have them on hand, right? Throwing an extra outfit or two in can make the difference between more time spent with a friend or cutting your trip short. No one wants option two.


A Thermometer

A thermometer is another item that you don’t need very often but when you do, you need it desperately. The truth is between teething and regular childhood illnesses, fevers aren’t uncommon. There’s nothing worse than thinking your child has a fever but you have no way to know for sure or to know how high baby's temperature really is. Thermometers are small and take up very little room. You’ll have a lot more peace of mind knowing that you have it packed if you need it.


Tylenol or Motrin

Going hand in hand with the need to add a thermometer to your diaper bag are these items. Infants’ Tylenol or Motrin is something you’ll be thankful you packed if you need them. Of course you should pack the one that your pediatrician recommends. Having this along can help if your baby spikes a temp, has an earache or is just miserable from teething. It can save you from making a mad dash for them when you may be far from a store.


Gas Drops

Tummy aches are the worst, aren’t they? When your baby’s miserable, chances are you don’t feel very happy yourself. It’s very frustrating when your baby’s tummy hurts, whether it’s a rare thing or a true case of colic. While gas drops don’t make every tummy ache magically disappear, they can help. Having gas drops in your diaper bag can be something you find you’re very thankful for.



Toys are always good to have with you. Depending on your baby’s age, the type and amount of toys you want to pack will vary. Toys can be a very welcome distraction. They can entertain your little one while you have lunch with a friend or you’re waiting in the pediatrician’s office. Having a few favorites along can make a huge difference in your baby’s temperament.


Bottles and Snacks

Of course you have to have whatever you need to feed your little one. Bottles are a given if you aren’t breastfeeding. If your little one is snacking, you don’t want to leave snacks behind. They can be a mom’s best friend. Baby food, cheerios or whatever level of solids your baby is currently on - be sure to bring them along.

I’d love to hear from you. What are some diaper bag essentials you won’t leave home without? You could inspire other moms.

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Depending on age/gender I always pack hair ties for my 2yo. Also deodorant kus my kids make me sweat and a pair of pajamas in case we come home late.

The cover picture on this post makes me uneasy lol

Lol babies are stronger than you think!

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