Diaper Bag Essentials for Moms on the Go ...


There’re some diaper bag essentials that’re a must when you’re a mom on the go. Life is busy for most moms, whether you’re a working or stay-at-home mom. It’s good to have these extras in your diaper bag for when they’re needed. So besides the expected diapers and wipes, these are some diaper bag essentials you don’t want to leave home without.

1. Diaper Rash Medicine

Diaper rash medicine must make the list of diaper bag essentials. Finding your baby broken out with a diaper rash means a miserable day for both of you without this essential packed along. It only takes a little extra room in your diaper bag and can really save the day. Two really good choices in diaper rash medicine are Balmex and Desitin Creamy. They can clear a diaper rash up in hours.

Extra Outfits
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