7 Cute Ideas for Family Portraits ...


7 Cute Ideas for Family Portraits ...
7 Cute Ideas for Family Portraits ...

Taking family portraits is not only a great way to preserve memories of your family’s time together, but it also creates something fun to put in the card at Christmas time for all to see. Choosing a setting, backdrop, or coming up with an interesting family portrait means you have to put some thought into it. Some places which offer family portraits also have a variety of ideas of their own. If you are thinking of making your own pictures this year, then here are 7 cute ideas for family portraits that you just might like to try.

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Be Your Own Sports Team

Create matching shirts and come up with a team name to display across the shirts. If you or someone you know is a seamstress, you can get very detailed with this type of family portrait. It’s your team, so you even get to pick out team colors and decide on a mascot too.


Dress up like the Characters of a Favorite Movie

It helps if you all choose characters from the same favorite movie. Having a large family means it might take more time deciding on what movie is enjoyed by everyone. You all could dress up like The Incredibles or The Swiss Family Robinson. Of course, the movie doesn’t have to revolve around a family either. It could be a cartoon that everyone enjoys instead, such as A Bug’s Life.


Do Something Artsy

Paint each family member’s face to look like a favorite animal at the zoo. You could get creative with a trick photo so it looks like Dad is holding the rest of the family in the palm of his hand or maybe everyone appears to be standing on top of the dog’s back in the trick photo. This might take some time to come up with a way to make the photo appear to be something it isn’t, but the effect is amazing.


Go for a Theme

Some fun themes include; pirates, ballroom dancers, chefs, or circus performers. As long as everyone looks like they belong together, the portrait should turn out just fine. Find something you all want to do and just go for it!


Have a Luau

Grass skirts, flowered leis, coconut bras for everyone, and some blow up palm trees make an excellent setting for a family portrait at a homemade luau.


Do a Famous Pose

Addams Family, The Beatles (Abbey Road), or any other famous groups to strike a well-known pose are only neat if people can tell what you and your family are trying to portray. It helps to dress in character too, if need be. Get a backdrop to go along with the pose, then that will make the whole portrait come together much better.


Include an Interest You All Enjoy

Play a game of Monopoly or badminton in your portrait, if these are something you enjoy. Choose a hobby or extra curricular activity everyone in the family enjoys and see if you can incorporate it into a memorable portrait of some type.

I hope you can use some of these ideas. Out of these 7 cute ideas for family portraits, which one do you like the best of all?

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