7 Cute Alternatives to Diaper Bags ...

Ever wondered if there are any great alternatives to diaper bags? I mean, everyone knows that babies come with a lot of stuff. There’s nappies, a change of clothes, bibs, bottles, a changing mat… It’s no wonder that a big diaper bag is a new mom essential. If you don’t fancy any of the classic diaper designs, though, worry not – here’s some great super stylish alternatives to diaper bags.

1. The Canvas Tote…

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This is probably one of the easiest alternatives to diaper bags. Canvas totes are everywhere, from ASOS to Old Navy, and come in a whole variety of styles. This season is all about the tote, so you’ll be spoilt for choice! They are also easy to clean, which is essential when there is any chance of baby-spillage, and pretty cheap to pick up, not to mention big enough for all the baby essentials. Win.

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