7 Classic Just so Stories to Read to Your Children ...


Rudyard Kipling was a famous English author known for his children’s tales, such as The Jungle Book and the Just So Stories. While The Jungle Book is a wonderful story, Kipling’s Just So Stories are some of my favorite works. They are short tales that explain how animals got to be the way they are. These explanations are not scientific; rather they are made-up and amusing. Once you read the Just So Stories to your children, they will be asking you to read them over and over again. They are such great tales!

1. How the Whale Got His Throat

How the Whale Got His Throat

“How the Whale Got His Throat” is one of the Just So Stories that is fun to read. It features a gluttonous whale who ate almost all the fish in the sea, which left him looking for other food sources. There was one fish left who recommended the whale try eating people. The whale jumped at this opportunity. However, the man he ate was resourceful and found a way out of the whale’s belly, which involved creating the whale’s throat.

How the Camel Got His Hump
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