7 Cheap Alternatives to Summer Camp ...


Summer-long activities for kids cost a lot, so this summer you might think about looking into cheaper alternatives to summer camp. Kids of all ages, from elementary tykes to tweens to teens, often love going to summer camp, whether it's a general camp or a niche spot devoted to science, band, or fitness, but those places are expensive. However, with some creative thinking and a little research, you can keep your kids occupied, engaged, and entertained all summer long. To get you started, here are some fun but much more affordable alternatives to summer camp!

1. Hands up for Band Camp

I'm slightly biased, but band camp is one of my favorite alternatives to summer camp by far. Many schools and music programs are different, so for your kids, band camp might actually involve going away for a few weeks, like a proper summer camp. The good news is that costs tend to be lower, due to booster participation and fundraisers. Then again, the band camp for your local school might take place on school grounds, so the musicians can practice their routines on the home field. Generally, band camp is reserved for students in the marching band, but some schools operate them for concert bands, orchestra and symphony, pep band, and jazz band. Just look into it, and if your kid doesn't play yet, see if they'd like to start!

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