7 Characteristics of an Amazing Teacher That All Students Will Look up to ...


If you’re a teacher or interested in becoming one, you should probably know the characteristics of an amazing teacher. Do you remember your favorite teachers back in grade school? I know I do! I can remember 3 of my favorite teachers and they all had a few things in common that made them the best teachers I’ve ever had. Think of your favorite teachers and continue reading for 7 characteristics of an amazing teacher; see if your favorite teachers had these traits!

1. Love

Believe it or not, there are plenty of teachers in schools that don’t like children. Those teachers may be good at the act of teaching, but it takes more than standing up in front of a classroom and presenting material to be a great teacher. One of the characteristics of an amazing teacher is their love for children. Each of my favorite teachers had a fondness for all their students that made them amazing at their jobs. If a teacher doesn’t love kids, it’ll be extremely difficult to make a child feel loved and emotionally secure, which aids in the child’s intellectual and emotional development. When a teacher has love for children, that teacher is able to reach their students in numerous ways, and in doing so they become one of the child’s most favorite and amazing teachers!

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