9 Biggest Summer Risks for Kids to Protect Your Little Ones from ...


Of course there are a lot of summer risks for kids, but these particular ones stand out. While they may seem obvious, sometimes we aren’t thinking at the moment, and that’s when accidents happen. And yes, when most of us were kids there were no bike helmets or knee and elbow pads, but do I dare say things were different back then? The world has sped up, and I think we simply have to be more careful now. Take a look as these summer risks for kids courtesy of Mom.Me. While you may think "everyone knows that," maybe some of us can use a reminder.

1. Trampolines

This is a big one on this list of summer risks for kids. Maybe I’ve spent too much time watching America’s Funniest Videos and cringing every time I see a trampoline accident video, but honestly these things can be a huge danger to your child. According to Mom.Me, pediatricians estimate an average of 100,000 kids are injured on trampolines every year. Of course, there are ways to be smart about everything, so be watchful as your kids play on a trampoline. Broken bones are no fun!

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