Fab Nightly Rituals to Make Bedtime Fun ...


When I was a child, one of my favorite bedtime rituals was when my Mom would announce, "It's eight! Come on and don't make me wait!" My three younger siblings and I would then line up from youngest to oldest and we would eagerly wait for our turn to be bathed by the world's most amazing woman. We didn't have a bath tub so Mom would put us in a big pail, fill it with water, and submerge us down to our shoulders. She would wrap us in big towels and command us to go up our room and wear the clothes she laid for us on the bed. Those were 'activities' I loved and looked forward to as a child. For this post, I am listing some more bedtime rituals that, I think, your kids will love:

1. Set the Mood with a Calm Voice

When working on your bedtime rituals, remember that you should calm your child down - not spike up his energy to the highest conceivable level. As part of the routine, speak softly and calmly. Don't shout even when little Jason is making you crazy. Take control of the situation, stay calm, and stay steady!

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