7 Back to School Essentials for Students Starting Junior High ...

My oldest son is starting junior high and it sort of freaks me out, and not only because of the supply list of back to school essentials. Moving from 5th to 6th grade is a huge step for kids because the entire structure of being at school changes. The requirements and list of needed materials are other things that might surprise you and your student. Regardless of the school’s required list, there are several back to school essentials that will make your junior high student's life much easier.

1. A Planner

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A day planner isn’t always on the school supply list, but is definitely one of the back to school essentials I will be buying my junior high student. After all, he is now moving from class to class and has a lot more work to keep track of. A day planner makes it simple to write it all down in one place so he can refer to it as needed. I hope it helps keep him organized so his work always gets turned in on time.

2. A Jump Drive

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Chances are your child will work on papers or essays at school in the computer lab, and then need to finish them on their own. A jump drive is the perfect device for keeping all their in-progress work saved so they can continue to work on it at home or at the library. Make sure they have a safe place to keep it when it’s not use so they can always find it.

3. Combination Lock

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If your student’s school doesn’t have built in locks on the lockers, they’ll need a combination lock so they can stow their stuff without worrying that it will get stolen. You can find one pretty cheap at places like Target or Walmart. Make sure you write down the combination so if they call from school because they forgot it, you can help them out.

4. Binder Dividers

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They might not be at the top of the list of needed items, but your middle school student will find themselves much more organized with some good binder dividers. They will help them keep all of their stuff for different classes in one place, but organized so they can find what they're looking for. There are loads of fun ones so there is sure to be a set they love.

5. Highlighters

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Highlighters will come in handy for marking important information on handouts and other school related papers. They last for a while, so one or two is probably all they’ll need. They come in a wide range of colors so they can be coded to different things to be even more organized and prepared.

6. Gym Clothes

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Now that your student is in junior high, they might need special clothes for gym class. Once they know their schedule, you’ll know which days they need to be prepared with them. If they need a second gym locker, send another lock to protect their things while they're in class.

7. Snacks and Water

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A day at school is long and lunch might not be enough to keep hunger and thirst at bay. Junior high kids are growing fast and get hungry often, so send your child prepared with some extra snacks and a water bottle. Even if they have to inhale it as they move between classes, it’s better than getting distracted because they're hungry.

Do you remember junior high? I want to make the experience much better for my son than it was for me. Do you have any tips?

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