8 Alternatives to Punishment ...


The consequence for bad behavior doesn’t have to be a time out or a grounding. There are other ways to handle the situation that are positive or teach a lesson instead. Here are 8 alternatives to punishment you can try out. Please offer any suggestions you might have of your own.

8. Allow Natural Consequences

You can talk until you’re blue in the face and there are times when it just doesn’t sink in. It might be time to allow nature to take its course. Sometimes the natural consequences a child receives can be a real eye-opener. For instance, you’ve repeatedly asked your child refuses to pick up her toys out of the yard and the neighbor dog carries off her favorite doll. Your child will most likely realize you were trying to be helpful and she will learn the hard way that her toys need to be collected when it’s time to come inside for the evening.

Remove Child from Situation
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