35 Absolutely Adorable Ideas for Your Baby's First Photo Shoot ...

By Lisa

35 Absolutely Adorable Ideas for Your Baby's First Photo Shoot ...

If you’re trying to plan a photo shoot for your baby and you’re racking your brain trying to think of some ideas, you’re in luck! I found so many heart-melting photos of babies who rocked their photo shoot and their photos are just too good not to share with you.

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1 Balloon Basket

Balloon Basket Via The Sew*er, The Caker, The ...
I don’t think a photo shoot can get much better than a baby in a balloon basket! I think it would be really cute if the colors in the photo and balloons were brighter.

2 Military

Military Via BabyCenter Photo Contest: I'm Sleeping ...
This baby looks awfully comfy in her daddy’s pocket! So cute and what a beautiful way to capture a father-daughter photo.

3 Sports

Sports Via Baby Parker
If playing sports runs in your family, why not incorporate into your baby’s shoot? The football beanie is adorable!

4 Neck Tie

Neck Tie Via Handsome Newborn-2 years Adjustable Tie ...
This baby looks professional and picture perfect with his little tie on!

5 Leg Warmers and Headband

Leg Warmers and Headband Via Choose ANY 3 Pairs of ...
I don’t think I’ve ever seen leg warmers and a head band look so cute. A fun and different way to show baby’s playful side.

6 Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses Via Valentine's Day Children Photography - ...
A sweet way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

7 Bunny

Bunny Via Easter Crochet Baby Girl Boy ...
Was your baby born in the spring or close to Easter? Dress up your adorable baby in a bunny beanie and witness hearts melting.

8 Pearls and Lace

Pearls and Lace Via pin4fun6234.blogspot.com
Capture baby’s glamourous side with pearls, a sassy lace headband.

9 Disney

Disney Via flickr.com
Gather all of your baby’s favorite Disney characters for a delightful little photo shoot.

10 Easter Egg

Easter Egg Via Crochet White Baby Bunny Hat ...
This is another darling idea for spring or Easter photos. The bunny beanie is to die for!

11 Christmas

Christmas Via Christmas Baby
Your Christmas present has arrived!

12 Lights

Lights Via Items similar to Design Your ...
Dress up your baby in a festive outfit while he plays with Christmas lights!

13 Fun Poses

Fun Poses Via Sleeping Baby
This collection of photos reminds us that baby can do pretty much anything like fly, juggle, or even be a rock star, all while she’s sleeping!

14 Frame

Frame Via Sprogling - Illustrated Children's Books ...
This is a beautiful, understated photo to take of your sleeping beauty.

15 Christmas Basket

Christmas Basket Via squidoo.com
A special delivery from Santa has arrived!

16 Basket

Basket Via Newborn Baby Photo Prop Cream ...
A precious photo of baby having sweet dreams in a comfy blanket and basket. Kind of like a fairy tale!

17 Stare down

Stare down Via Striking Ideas of Kid’s Month-By-Month ...
OK, if those adorably chubby arms and legs don’t get you, I don’t know what will.

18 Blanket

Blanket Via Ainsleyphotomom
What could be cuter than a baby hiding in a blanket?

19 Tutu

Tutu Via New Baby
Is your baby an aspiring ballerina? Then you must have her photo taken with her tutu!

20 Mermaid

Mermaid Via Part of Your World - ...
Even Ariel would ooh and ah over this dear photo of baby in a mermaid costume!

21 Pumpkin Carriage

Pumpkin Carriage Via Items similar to Cinderella vintage ...
The tiny pumpkin carriage and the baby are both so precious!

22 Polka Dots

Polka Dots Via Red Baby Headband - Red ...
A simple bucket and color coordinating headband makes a simple yet striking photo.

23 Framed Baby

Framed Baby Via It's a girl!! {Newborn session ...
Another delightful idea with your baby resting in a frame. Very colorful, cheery and I am loving the skirt she’s wearing!

24 Kisses

Kisses Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This photo would make the perfect photo card for Valentine’s Day! Cover baby with kisses and snap away!

25 Books

Books Via Be Inspired: Books
Very Harry Potter, but of course you could just use whatever books you like and have a bookworm-themed shoot.

26 Punkin

Punkin Via Items similar to Halloween Pumpkin ...
This baby is ready for fall and Halloween with her super cute pumpkin suit.

27 Fishing

Fishing Via Austin & My Future and ...
A great photo for dad or grandpa!

28 Beds

Beds Via Items similar to Ruffle Quilt ...
What a fun way to take a photo of your twins.

29 Firefighter

Firefighter Via HER BLOG – Fashion, Designer ...
Heartwarming photo for dad that’s unique.

30 Flapper

Flapper Via Baby Headband Black Satin Rosette ...
Look at those chubby cheeks! Why not dress baby up in a Great Gatsby-inspired headband and dress for a vintage shoot?

31 Owl

Owl Via Crochet PATTERN: Owl crochet pattern ...
A little owl looking over baby as he sleeps.

32 Lion

Lion Via Newborn Baby's First Lion Photo ...
Hear baby roar! A cute lion hat and blanket make this a ferociously fetching photo.

33 Boots

Boots Via Picture time! :)
Get mom or dad’s boots and you’ve got the perfect prop!

34 Vintage Suitcase

Vintage Suitcase Via babble.com
Add a vintage touch to your photos with a classic suitcase and a string of pearls.

35 Initial

Initial Via Best Lovely Newborn Photos: Cute ...
Hopefully you can catch your baby with a sweet smile like this baby.

What did you think of these baby photos? Did you see any that you would like to do yourself? Babies are so cute that they can pretty much make any photo look good so try not to stress too much over the details!

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So adorable ♥♥♥

Am I the only person who does not like seeing babies in baskets or boots or luggage? I think it is going to look dated ten years from now. I prefer more natural poses in moms arms or in a blanket.

The one with the tie was just the cutest

With the family pet? I love all these wish I could have a baby.

very funny ideas :-)))

#16 Is this baby a boy or a girl?

I don't have baby but these are all so beautiful!!!

Love the great ideas to photograph a baby. They're all adorable.

OMG! They're all so cute I wish I had a baby!

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