A Cure ⚗️ for Chaos 💣 ...


Are you looking for a cure for chaos? Nowadays our lives are inundated with responsibilities. We spend most of our day putting out fires! Most of us wonder if we will ever get to the end of our lists. So how can we strategically tackle it all? Here's a cure for chaos.

1. The Rat Race

Do you find yourself caught in the rat race after work or even during your precious weekends? Well, you’re not alone! A large majority of American homes consist of either single-mother households or two working parent households. The two parent households are no better off than the single-mom home, because with both parents working, who is actually running the day to day operations of the home? Unfortunately, the median for combined incomes in America is $53,657 (2014 U.S. Census Bureau). With these moderate incomes, it is not surprising that families are unable to afford to hire help. So the chores and good old to-do list must be managed by both parents and sometimes their offspring! These tasks are almost insurmountable with both parents, so the challenge and obstacle is even greater for those single parent (mom) homes.

Single Mom Households
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