8 Tips to Settle Sibling Rivalry ...


8 Tips to Settle Sibling Rivalry ...
8 Tips to Settle Sibling Rivalry ...

There are many reasons that can give rise to sibling rivalry. As a parent, it is important that you find ways to soothe this rivalry as it can lead to much larger problems that can transcend into adulthood and affect whole lives of your children. Here are some excellent tips to settle sibling rivalry.

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Identify the Underlying Cause

Identify the Underlying Cause Photo Credit: Eliana Almazan

Some of the most important factors that lead to sibling rivalry include jealousy, favoritism, competition, difficulty in sharing and need for attention. It is important that you consider which of these factors could be playing a role in creating sibling rivalry amongst your children.


Set up a Peace Table

Setting up a peace table when a fight between your children breaks out is one of the best tips to settle sibling rivalry. A peace table is a space where you and your children can talk without interruption and seek to resolve the issue at hand.


Address Specific Issues

When seeking solutions, address specific issues. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into grievances that are general. For instance, do not let your children say, ‘He/ She always does that’. Instead, ask them to clarify what happened in that specific instance and resolve that.


Ask Your Children for Solutions

Ask Your Children for Solutions Image source: makeitworkmom.com

This is one of the most effective tips to settle sibling rivalry. Children are very intelligent and can come up with very smart solutions. However, consider these solutions with care and attention and don’t take the easy way out by simply giving in to your children’s demands.


Take Time to Give the Right Answers

When your children ask you questions about themselves or their siblings, take the time to consider the right answer. If your child gets the feeling that you are simply brushing them off with a quick, but meaningless response, it will only foster more sibling rivalry.


Show Proofs of Equality

This is perhaps the most difficult of all tips to settle sibling rivalry. All children are different and have different needs, but it is important that you can easily demonstrate proofs of equality in your treatment of them.


Sharing of Responsibility

Never blame only one child as the perpetuator of sibling rivalry. When dealing with these issues, both children have to share the responsibility as well as the consequences. If disciplining is required, both must be disciplined.


Never Compare Your Children

This is a very important parenting tip. Some children perform better than others in different spheres and activities. Never ever compare your children with each other as it may lead to a sense of superiority on one hand and resentment on the other.

These are some of the most effective tips to settle sibling rivalry. Once you put them in action, you will find that they are easy to follow and that they get the desired result. My only advice is that when you are dealing with sibling rivalry, keep the larger picture in mind and know that there are long term repercussions to consider.

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