7 Cute Silly Bandz ...

Oh how I wish I was the genius who invented Silly Bandz, silicone bracelets that keep their whimsical shape no matter what you do to them! They’re cheap to make, but highly collectible, and have made that lucky, brilliant inventor a big pile of cash! My daughters collect Silly Bandz, and so do all of their friends, which just amazes me. The line is always expanding to include new pop culture figures and hobbies, and here are a few of the new ones that caught my eye. Here are 7 cute Silly Bandz.

1. SillyBandz FarmVille Shapes

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Price: $5.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
Anyone who reads my articles regularly already knows I’m hopelessly addicted to FarmVille, the Zynga game where players plant and harvest crops and trees and collect exotic animals and decorations… now they have a set of Silly Bandz to help me flaunt my semi-embarrassing obsession!

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