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Oh how I wish I was the genius who invented Silly Bandz, silicone bracelets that keep their whimsical shape no matter what you do to them! They’re cheap to make, but highly collectible, and have made that lucky, brilliant inventor a big pile of cash! My daughters collect Silly Bandz, and so do all of their friends, which just amazes me. The line is always expanding to include new pop culture figures and hobbies, and here are a few of the new ones that caught my eye. Here are 7 cute Silly Bandz.

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SillyBandz FarmVille Shapes

SillyBandz FarmVille Shapes Price: $5.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
Anyone who reads my articles regularly already knows I’m hopelessly addicted to FarmVille, the Zynga game where players plant and harvest crops and trees and collect exotic animals and decorations… now they have a set of Silly Bandz to help me flaunt my semi-embarrassing obsession!


SillyBandz Dinosaur Pack

SillyBandz Dinosaur Pack Price: $4.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
Has there even been a child who, at one point, wasn’t fascinated with dinosaurs? This set of Silly Bandz celebrates those prehistoric creatures with a triceratops (my favorite!) and a T-Rex, and everything in between. Each is a different bright color, and the set includes 4 each of 6 different shapes, perfect for sharing or using as rewards!


SillyBandz Western Pack

SillyBandz Western Pack Price: $4.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
One of m favorite songs of all time is called “I Wanna be a Cowboy,” and when I’m feeling particularly western, I’ll wear a few of these to channel that inner cowgirl. The set contains six wild west-inspired bracelets, including a star-shaped sheriff’s badge, a horseshoe, and a cowboy (or cowgirl) boot.


SillyBandz Hello Kitty Shapes

SillyBandz Hello Kitty Shapes Price: $5.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
Eek! So cute! Celebrate the style of the marvelous Miss Kitty, from her trademark red bow to her monogram (HK) with this pack of Silly Bandz. The set contains six bands, each featuring Hello Kitty in some way — her silhouette, her afore-mentioned bow, even a little apple. A must-have for any Hello Kitty fan!


SillyBandz Barbie Shapes

SillyBandz Barbie Shapes Price: $5.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
Mattel and Silly Bandz have teamed up to provide a pack of bands that every girl will love featuring the girl who has it all, Barbie! The set includes six different bands, including a pair of sunglasses, a high heel, a poodle, and thereof the It girl herself.


SillyBandz Justin Bieber

SillyBandz Justin Bieber Price: $5.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
While I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber, I know plenty of girls who are, and all of them would be thrilled with this set of Silly Bandz, each of them featuring the musical man-child himself. There’s a set of headphones, a baseball cap, a musical note, and more, for a total of six, each of them in a different bright color.


SillyBandz Yo Gabba Gabba Shapes

SillyBandz Yo Gabba Gabba Shapes Price: $5.95 at lic1.sillybrandzglobal.com
I have a not-so-secret crush on the entire cast, crew, and guest stars of Yo Gabba Gabba, so I absolutely MUST have this set of Silly Bandz! Each bracelet features one of the cast, and I adore the one of Brobee… look, it’s all stripy, like he is!

These are only a handful of the literally hundreds of Silly Bandz that are available… and now you see why everybody wants them, especially kids! Which of these Silly Bandz sets do you like best, or is there another one you’d like to see? Please share!

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