7 Ways Sex 🛏 Isn't the Same after Having a Baby 👶🏼 ...


Having a baby is one of the most special things that could ever happen to you.

It’s a beautiful, exciting time in your life.

It’s also a time that can bring you closer to your partner but it can affect your relationship in other ways.

Sex changes after giving birth.

All of these may not apply to you, but it’s good to have an idea of the changes that could occur so that you’re prepared to deal with them.

1. Opportunities for Sex Become Scarce

One way sex changes is that opportunities for it become scarce.

You have this tiny little human who needs your time and attention on a regular basis.2

You’re very busy with baby care.

And it’s wonderful and you probably both love your new roles as Mommy and Daddy but it affects your sex life.

It can take some time to find balance, but you can do it.

2. You’re Too Exhausted

This may be the biggest road block to sex after having a baby.

You’re absolutely exhausted.

Those middle of the night feedings will zap your energy.

Remind yourself that this is a season that’ll pass.

Nap with your baby so that you have energy to be sexual with your partner and just so you’ll feel your best.

3. You May Feel Self-Conscious about Your Body

You may feel self-conscious about your body after having a baby.

You may worry that your partner is focused on those changes.

While it’s true that having a baby does change your body, don’t let that hold you back from being sexual with your partner.2

They may love the new changes they see in you.

Do your best to love your body.

Remember that all the changes you see are because of the sweet baby who’s now part of your life.

Your Interest in Sex May Be Lower
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