7 Valentine-Themed Animal Crafts for Kids ...


If you are a parent whose children are nuts about animals, than this Valentine's Day, try out some heart-themed animals crafts for kids.

Kids and animals go together like mac and cheese, and kids and crafts go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not incorporate their love for both worlds with some heart-shaped animal crafts for kids - what a great way to help them spread some cheerful love.

1. Heart Bunny

While there are many animal crafts for kids to choose from, this one is perhaps the easiest.

For this one, you will need to cut out three heart shapes from construction paper;

one small, one medium and one large.

Help kids turn the hearts upside down on the large and medium hearts, so that the humps are pointing down, and glue them onto a piece of paper with the large heart on the bottom and the medium heart place just above it - this will be the bunny's body and head.

Glue the smaller heart right-side up just above the bunny's ears.

Let kids decorate their heart bunnies with crayons, markers and googly eyes.

2. Love Bug

Get bit by a love bug with this super sweet kid’s animal craft idea.

For this craft, you will need an empty toilet paper or paper towel tube.

Hold the paper towel tube vertically and glue the tips of the hearts on either side of the tube, near the center – this will be the wings.2

Glue some pipe cleaners to the top of the tube for antenna and then let kids decorate the rest of the craft anyway they wish;

with googly eyes, markers, paint, stickers;

whatever floats their boat.

3. Heart Fish

Make a friendly fish out of heart shapes.

Cut out a large heart from construction paper, position it on its side and glue it onto a piece of paper.

Cut out three small heart shapes and glue one in between the larger hearts humps so that the point is facing in, creating a mouth.2

Glue another heart to the top and another to the bottom of the larger heart, so that the humps are facing out, creating fins.

Glue a googly eye above the mouth and voila - you have a heart-shaped fish!

Heart Elephant
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