15 Unusual Popular Baby Names That You'll Love ...


Do you look through the popular baby names when deciding what to call your (future?) children?

It’s not uncommon for parents to be divided into two camps when it comes to baby naming – those who want something traditional and well used, and those who want something unique and uncommon.

Whichever camp you belong too, you’ll be surprised to see how well-loved these popular baby names have got…

1. Major

Yep, Major is now one of the top 500 names.

Over the past year, this pretty unusual name has risen over 505 places to rest firmly in 483rd, and the rush isn’t looking too slow down any time soon.

Get ready for a lot of Majors in a school near you – it’s one of the most popular baby names there is!

2. Arya

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll recognize this one!

It seems the feisty Stark daughter has a growing army of fans, and a whole host of little ones who’ll share her name.

Arya rose 289 places over the past year, and is now one of the most popular “unique” baby names for girls.

3. Jase

While Jase is normally used as a nickname for Jason, it’s growing in popularity as a stand-alone name.

It jumped 258 spots last year, and is now sitting pretty at 304.


This one isn’t quite as clear, although Teen Mom could have a lot to do with it…

4. Perla

I love this one!

Perla is such a pretty name, and it definitely has a new fan base.

It’s risen 191 places from last year, and is now the 452nd most popular baby name in the US.

5. Messiah

Messiah, which means the “anointed one,” is another unusual name hitting the charts.

While it’s been steadily rated around the 600th most popular name for the past few years, it’s now risen to 387th, and there are sure to be more registrations.

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