7 Tips for Flying with Babies ...


Flying with babies is something that many parents dread, but there are a few things you can do to make your trip go a bit smoother than you may imagine.

I just recently flew with my 6-month-old daughter, and things went so much better than I imagined!

Below are a few tips for flying with babies that I found to be helpful.

It’s all about preparation, but keep in mind that not everything is foreseeable, so this is just a general list to help you better plan and prepare.

1. Use a Baby Carrier or Stroller

Flying with babies when you are the only adult going along is a bit hectic!

With only two arms, you need all the help you can get.3

I used my baby carrier, and it made things very easy for me!

Both of my arms were free, and I knew where my baby was at all times.

If you have an older toddler, or more than one kiddo along for the ride, you can bring along your stroller and gate check it!

Choose a compact, lightweight stroller that you can easily break down and maneuver on your own.

2. Give Baby Something to Suck on during Take-off and Landing

The change in pressure during takeoff and landing can cause baby’s ears to pop, and increase fussiness.

You can help avoid this issue by giving your baby a pacifier, a bottle, or breastfeeding your little one on the flight.

You may want to ask about policies for breastfeeding on the airline, I found that the airline I flew with was very supportive and gave me no hassle at all.

3. Plan Flights around Baby’s Nap Schedule

If possible, choose a flight time that corresponds with your baby’s naptime!

He or she may snooze through the whole flight, or a better part of it.

That may make things easier for you to deal with on the flight, and make for a cheerful baby in between on layovers, rather than a cranky, irritable one.

Plan for Everything
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