This Hot πŸ”₯ Mama is Taking over IG πŸ“± and Stealing Our Hearts πŸ’• ...


If you're not already following @adanna_david on Insta, I have to ask why.

She and her wee fam are gorgeous and stylish and I want her as my BFF, and her hubs to set me up with one of his friends.2

Here's exactly why, in a few photos.

1. Love

human action, photograph, person, image, man,

2. Flawless


3. Little One

person, people, human positions, grass, footwear,

4. Ready

person, people, woman, human positions, child,

5. Bump

person, woman, people, sense,

6. Swoon!

photograph, person, photography, photo shoot, portrait photography,

7. Family

person, people, man, child, family,

8. Smooch!

photograph, man, ceremony, romance, event,

9. Wedding

wedding, bride, ceremony, marriage, quinceaΓ±era,

10. Baby

person, man, professional,

11. Ussie

clothing, outerwear, fashion, abdomen,

12. In the City

crowd, people, road, street, pedestrian,

13. Nursing

photograph, person, image, woman, man,

14. Fam Pic

people, photograph, person, image, child,

15. Dolled up

man, formal wear, ceremony, groom, marriage,

16. Beach Day

photograph, person, image, people, human positions,

17. Tiny Bump

clothing, formal wear, ceremony, photo shoot, abdomen,

18. Fly

facial expression, person, people, image, photography,

19. Salute

person, clothing, BABY,

20. Backpack


21. Shaving Buddy

person, photograph, people, man, male,

22. Mamas and Babies

people, person, child, dress, temple,

23. Jump!

image, person, temple,

24. Big Fam

people, person, man, family,

25. Kisses

human action, photograph, person, man, male,

26. Bigger Bump

human action, person, woman, photography, hug,

27. All the Pretty

hair, hairstyle, beauty, black hair, head,

28. Strolling

clothing, fashion, jeans, model, photo shoot,

29. NYC

Statue of Liberty, statue,

30. High up!

Central Park, people, person, photography, day,

31. Maternity

photograph, person, woman, photography, beauty,

32. Bundled up

Bundled up

33. Gorgeous

person, people, toddler, child, 3,0,

34. City

people, person, man, male, child,

35. Sunnies

eyewear, glasses, vision care, sunglasses, face,

36. Shh!

hair, person, hairstyle, beauty, human body,

37. So in Love

vacation, spring, leg, photo shoot, fashion,

38. Baby-wearing

man, male, glasses, hairstyle, vision care,

39. Hold Him Tight

people, photography, beauty, photo shoot, abdomen,

40. That View!

New York City, people, team,

41. DIY

photograph, image, photography, man, ceremony,

42. Glorious

hair, clothing, pink, hairstyle, fashion accessory,
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