27 Super Cute Baby Shower Decorations to Make Your Party the Best ...


Baby shower decorations are a natural part of any such celebration.

You have so many more options than blue and pink too.

The baby shower should be one that Mom loves and if you're throwing the party, check out these ideas.

Before you know it you'll have your baby shower decorations all picked out and ready to go.

1. Pink Flowers


Via Madison's baby shower

If the mom-to-be is having a girl, these fun hanging flowers are the perfect baby shower decorations.

2. Snacks


Via owl baby shower

These do double duty as snacks and decorations.

Use blue candies for a boy shower.

3. Colored Jars


Via Baby Shower Decorations - Baby ...

These cute painted jars are adorable for holding flowers at a baby shower.

4. Neutral Colors

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Via You Are My Sunshine Baby ...

You can do the jar decor with neutral colors if the gender hasn't been revealed yet.

5. Snack Table

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Via Pompony z tiulu ozdobne do ...

Outfit the snack table with hanging decor and a banner across the front.

6. Bowtie Silverware

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Via Pin by Ashley DeCair on ...

What could be cuter for a little boy's baby shower?

7. Something Different

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Via Spring Baby Shower Decorations | ...

They might not look like your standard baby shower decorations, but I think they work great.

8. Fruit Baby


Via Baby shower decoration

I've heard people say this is creepy, but if you have the talent it could be a fun decoration for the food table.

9. Footprint Banner

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Via Baby footprint garland - Baby ...

You could string these anywhere for a fun touch on the walls.

10. Balloons and Streamers

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Via My sister's Baby shower

This balloons and streamers wall decor is super cute and really easy to copy.

11. Balloon Wall


Via Baby Showers

You can never have too many balloons when you're celebrating the birth of a baby.

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