7 Subtle Ways to Say No when Your Child Wants a Pet ...


It's hard to say no when your child wants a pet, and they keep begging you to let them have a puppy or kitten.

But pets are a huge responsibility, and you shouldn't let your kids have one just because they keep pestering you.

If you don't have the time, money or inclination to deal with a pet, you should say no.

Here's how to respond when your child wants a pet and you don't …

1. Offer an Alternative


One way of responding when your child wants a pet and you don't, is to offer them an alternative treat as a distraction.

It won't work if you offer them a choice, as they might opt for the pet.

But if you say they can have a gift or trip out instead of having a pet, they might enjoy the alternative so much that they forget about the pet.

Just be careful that it's not a bribe, though.

Borrow or Foster
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