7 Reasons You Might Be Finding It Hard to Conceive Your Second Child ...


We often hear about the problems of infertility, but there is very little said about secondary infertility.

This is when you have one child, but have problems getting pregnant second time around.

It is both puzzling and upsetting when you may not have had any problems getting pregnant with your first child.

But why may you experience secondary infertility?

Here are some possible explanations …

1. Undiagnosed Problem

One possible explanation for not getting pregnant a second time is that there may be an undiagnosed medical issue.

You may have a condition that did not stop you getting pregnant before, but has since got worse.

Get a check up from your physician to see if there are any medical issues that you were not previously aware of, or that you have developed since your first pregnancy.

You may have a thyroid problem or polycystic ovarian syndrome, and STIs should be ruled out.

Previous Surgery
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