8 Reasons Not to Start a Family Too Young ...


There are many good reasons not to start a family too young, although some argue that it is better to have children when you're younger.

Everybody has to decide what is right for them.

Many people would be better off waiting, although there are others who make excellent parents although they are younger.2

However, here are some sound reasons why, in general, it's better not to start a family too young …

1. Emotional Stability

One of the main reasons not to start a family when you're younger is if you lack the necessary emotional stability.

Most of us have to go through several relationships before we meet the right person to have kids with.

Also we are often not mature enough to be parents.2

2. Finances

Kids may not need a fortune in toys, clothing and equipment, but there's no denying that having a family costs a lot of money.

You either have to pay for childcare or be able to live on one wage.2

It's best to make sure that you have sufficient money put by before starting your family.

3. No Rush

Some say that there never is a "right time" to have a family, and that if you wait for that time to arrive you'll be waiting a long time.

For most people there is no rush, however.

You can wait until your late twenties or early thirties and in most cases will have no problems conceiving.2

4. Career

Getting your career established is important for two main reasons.

One, it will enable you to build up your finances to support your child.

Two, it will help support you in the future.

Start your family before your career has got going, and you will find it harder to get into the workplace.

5. Enjoy Yourself

There is plenty of time to enjoy yourself before starting a family.

Have kids too young, and you may resent having to stay at home while your contemporaries are free to do what they want.

Life is much more flexible when you are child-free, so do things like travelling while you can.

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