8 Reasons Not to Enter Your Child in Beauty Pageants for Kids ...


Beauty pageants for kids have become a huge industry in the US (fortunately they´re nothing like as popular in other countries).

However, I think that beauty pageants for kids are a worrying development and that they really shouldn´t be allowed.

That might sound drastic, but there are a number of reasons to be concerned about them.Here are some sound reasons for your little girl not to participate in beauty pageants for kids …

1. Image Obsessed

By their very nature, beauty pageants for kids are built around judging young girls by their looks.

And let´s not forget that some of the kids in these pageants are very young indeed – maybe only toddlers.

What is this teaching them?

That external looks and being pretty are what counts, not what´s inside.

Hardly the message that any sane parent would want their daughter to grow up with.

Let Them Be Kids
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